Pittsburgh Penguins, ‘Skip’ Thayer

My name is Charles D. Thayer.  I have been an athletic trainer for well over 50 years.  I spent 28 of those years employed in the National Hockey League; 18 years with the Chicago Blackhawks, 9 years with the Pittsburgh Penguins and 1 year (the start up year) with the Tampa Bay Lightning.  While in Chicago, I also studied for and attained certification as an Illinois Paramedic (1980), and was employed by the Paramedic Service of Illinois, until I moved to Pittsburgh, Pa. in the summer of 1988.  While working for the Tampa Bay Lightning in the spring of 1993, during a routine physical examination to check on my high blood pressure, it was discovered that I had developed age onset diabetes.  It was not out of hand at the time so I was put on pills to reduce my sugar number.  It worked very well and the sugar came back down.  The doctor in Tampa Bay regulated my diabetes medicines and I have  been on that routine ever since, with a few adjustments along the way.  The last two A1c tests have been 6.2 and 6.7.