Stories from Iceshot-ers

Quick and Effective.

“This product is great for diabetics. I give myself an injection daily, No pain from the needle and also gets rid of the insulin burn!  I highly recommend it.” – customer 

“This is a God send. My children are soooo very afraid of getting shots. This product cools and numbs a patient’s skin quickly prior to receiving an injection. So, when I saw this I could not buy it fast enough. if my children will be less fearful and feel less pain when they go to the doctor’s office for a shot then this is definitely worth it.” – customer


Way better than ice!! Excellent Product! Many uses!!

“Way better than ice!! Excellent Product! Many uses!! My grandma uses this for her sore knuckles because she has arthritis. My neighbor is using this now to give her 5 year old rheumatoid arthritis shots. It’s been incredibly convenient for multiples uses. I highly recommend this product. It’s inexpensive and has multiple uses. It even works for relieving morning puffy eyes. Way better than ice.” – customer

“Ingenious! This product actually does well at numbing my injection sites. I take 4 needles a day and it can be a pain. I never would have thought to numb it with ice before. The iceshot gives me a clean and simple product to do so without trying to hold an ice cube or the wet mess. It is convenient and sits well on its cap in the freezer until I need it. I would purchase this again.” – customer


Perfect solution to decrease pain.

“Perfect solution to decrease pain. I gave this as a gift for my friends daughter who is eight years old and is a type I diabetic. She loves this for placing her new site. It is so simple to use that she does it herself. Perfect solution to decrease pain.” – chelsey

“This is great! I have been going through IVF treatments and the shots haven’t been bad until you get to the shots of oil you have to do in your hip. I use to hold an ice pack to the area for a while but this is much faster and more effective! Couldn’t live without it!” – angie


This product is great for diabetics.

“Makes injections tolerable. My mom is diabetic and hates injections. This does help numb the skin before the injection and makes it more tolerable.” – customer

“Quick and Effective. I purchased this because I’m having Weightloss surgery soon and will be giving myself B-12 shot monthly from now on. I was looking for something to lessen the sting until I’m used to giving myself shots. This was the perfect answer! And as a bonus its natural! After about 20-30 seconds the skin is good and numb!” – chmoore48